The NB Doctors Cycling Against Cancer Ride is a 5-day cycling event supporting the Dr. Sheldon H. Rubin Oncology Clinic and the oncology inpatient unit at The Moncton Hospital.

Led by Dr. Mohammed Harb, a group of  physicians, as well as their family, friends, and colleagues have committed to this 500 kilometre ride throughout beautiful New Brunswick.  Some are participating for part of the ride.  We are grateful for every cyclist’s time and energy.

Please note that as of April 26th, registration for the 2019 ride has closed.

Our volunteers for the 2019 500km ride are Paul & Melvina Glidden, Larry MacDonnell, and Bob Devereaux.

Most of these folks have been with us since the beginning — we can’t thank you all enough for your commitment and support.



The 2019 ride will take place June 24th to the 28th.  The route itinerary is provided on the Route & Itinerary page.  Donations are being accepted now.  To find out how to donate, please visit our Donate Now page!

Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook!



500 kms:

Dr. Mohammed Harb, Medical Oncologist, TMH
Dr. Paul Goobie, General Surgeon, TMH
David Synott, RN, Oncology In-Patient Unit, TMH
Jim Currie, Janssen Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Andrea Dann, medical school resident, TMH
Dr. Krzyztof Wierzchoslawski, family physician, Miramichi

200 kms:

Verity Dixon, Amgen
Adam Johnstone,  Amgen
John Brenton, Amgen
Susanne Townsend, Ipsen
Dr. Nizar Samad, Medical Oncologist, TMH
Dave Moore, cancer survivor

100 Kms:

Dr. Tooraj Shakerinia, General Surgeon, TMH
Carolyn Devito, RN, Dr. Sheldon H. Rubin Oncology Clinic, TM

Mark Oakley, Novartis


Since the inaugural trek in 2015, the ride has been a tremendous success raising over $250,000 to date for the Dr. Sheldon H. Rubin Oncology Clinic located at The Moncton Hospital.  Proceeds have been invested in:

  • Video-conferencing technology ensures that timely and qualitative consultations between colleagues and visits with patients continue despite distance and weather.
  • Strengthening the clinical trial program has improved access to care for patients throughout Southeast New Brunswick and beyond.
  • Critical equipment such as an ECG, vital signs and blood pressure monitors enabling patients to be treated in the appropriate in-patient unit.
  • Funds have been made available for staff education.
  • Platelet agitator, saving time and resources to ensure blood products are available on-site and at the proper temperatures.
  • A unit of leading-edge equipment that enables our surgeons to detect cancer in the lymph nodes of breast cancer patients.
  • Finally, practical items such as sleeper chairs make the long stays more comfortable for loved ones.

As you most likely know, equipment, furniture and technology have varying lifespans meaning they must be replaced or updated on a regular basis.  This year, you will help us replenish equipment such has blood pressure monitors, IV pumps, as well as family room chairs and sleeper chairs.  We also plan to replace a patient lift that has recently reached the end of its lifespan.

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