June 22, 2022 (Moncton) – Cancer patients at The Moncton Hospital (TMH) will continue to have access to two support funds thanks to donors to the NB Docs Cycling Against Cancer (NBDocsCAC) Ride.

Greg King, Friends’ President and CEO is delighted to announce that monies raised for this year’s NBDCAC will top up both The Angel Fund and The Rebecca Schofield Fund assisting cancer patients whose financial situation is a barrier to care and recovery. 

“Sustaining these two funds is critical for those with cancer facing hardship. Providing patients with financial support means they can focus, simply and solely, on fighting cancer,” remarks King.

The Angel Fund was established in 2003 (by the late Cindy Hewitt) from funds raised through the long-standing annual Hillsborough Fashions Gala providing financial and other assistance to women dealing with breast cancer.  The Rebecca Schofield Fund, established in 2019, helps all cancer patients with things that often get overlooked – with the intent to transform a “struggle into a smile” – in keeping with honouring Becca’s legacy.

Cancer patients often deal with extra financial burdens brought on by missing work and added treatment expenses. These funds support such things as, transportation to and from chemotherapy treatments, wigs, prostheses, grocery cards, a prescription top-up, a bus pass and more, offering  cancer patients the opportunity to live more comfortably, with dignity and improved emotional health.

It is important to continue donating to these funds to help people in small ways, indefinitely. Both funds are endowed and managed by the Social Workers at TMH. Over 18,000 cancer patients seek oncology services at The Moncton Hospital each year.

The NB Docs Against Cycling Ride was started in 2015. So far, $546,000 has been raised for cancer initiatives at the Dr. Sheldon H. Rubin Oncology Clinic and the inpatient unit at TMH.

To donate, visit online at or mail to the Friends of The Moncton Hospital Foundation, 135 MacBeath Avenue, Moncton, NB E1C 6Z8.

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Why we ride...

Over $100,000 raised in 2021!

The 2022 ride will build on last year’s success….

As the global pandemic continues, we are preparing for this year’s ride and will announce details soon.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out by completing our Contact Us form.

The NB Doctors Cycling Against Cancer Ride is its 8th year. Proceeds support the Dr. Sheldon H. Rubin Oncology Clinic and the oncology inpatient unit at The Moncton Hospital.

Ride founder, Dr. Mohammed Harb has been joined by physicians and other healthcare providers as well as family, friends, and supporters from our community. They commit to achieving their distance and fundraising goal with one objective in common – to generate proceeds to help cancer patients at The Moncton Hospital.

And you can ride too! We are always and forever grateful for every cyclist’s time and energy.


The 2022 ride will take place. The official ride month is June with June 19 through 26 being Ride Week. You can join the ride or donate here:

Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook!


Proceeds generated for the ride each year are used to address top-priority needs of The Moncton Hospital’s Dr. Sheldon H. Rubin Oncology Clinic, and the oncology in-patient unit.


Since the inaugural trek in 2015, the ride has been a tremendous success raising over $546,000 to date for the Dr. Sheldon H. Rubin Oncology Clinic located at The Moncton Hospital.  Proceeds have been invested in:

  • Video-conferencing technology that ensures timely and qualitative consultations between colleagues and visits with patients continues despite distance and weather;
  • Strengthening the clinical trial program and improving access to care for patients throughout Southeast New Brunswick and beyond;
  • Critical equipment such as an ECG, vital signs and blood pressure monitors enabling patients to be treated in the appropriate in-patient unit;
  • Funds made available for staff education;
  • A platelet agitator, saving time and resources to ensure blood products are available on-site and at the proper temperatures;
  • A unit of leading-edge equipment that enables our surgeons to detect cancer in the lymph nodes of breast cancer patients;
  • Practical items such as sleeper chairs, which make long stays more comfortable for loved ones;
  • Replacing equipment including blood pressure monitors, IV pumps, as well as family room chairs and sleeper chairs;
  • Replacing a patient lift that had reached the end of its lifespan.
  • Construction of an awning over the entrance to the Dr. Sheldon H. Rubin Oncology clinic.  This important addition to the building protects cancer patients from the elements when arriving and leaving from their appointments. Funds from the ride contributed $62,500 to the entire project cost of $137,500. 
  • $235,000 has been used to purchase an advanced digital slide scanner, the first hospital laboratory in New Brunswick, to assist Pathologists in detecting cancer. This device will enhance turnaround time for test results, allowing patients to receive diagnosis and treatment options more quickly. Right now, the patient samples requiring consultation are sent out of province via courier for review by expert Pathologists.  This can mean delays impacting patient diagnoses and treatment. A faster turn-around time is critical to expedite a patient’s treatment, improve patient care and potentially save lives. TMH sends out about 300 consultations per year.
  • 2022 proceeds of $103,000 were dedicated to help purchase two 3D Mammography Screening Units for the Katherine Wright Centre to help with the early detection of breast cancer. This upgrade will allow for the transition from a conventional Digital Mammogram (2D image) to Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (3D image) technology resulting in optimal patient care, improved patient experience and better outcomes. There are 10,000 patients screened on average annually.

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